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Dr. Price has been our dentist since 1998 and we are more than satisfied with him and his staff. He not only provides exceptional dental care but also performs the actual cleaning of your teeth and is attentive to any cares or concerns you may have. His staff is friendly, courteous, and always willing to accommodate you whether it be with appointments, insurance questions, billing or any other need you may have. We continue to strongly recommend him to all who are looking for excellent dental care .
Shelly from Whitmore Lake
I would highly recommend Dr. Price as a dentist due to his excellent dental work and the excellence of his staff. He has an office that makes you feel at home and where you know that you will be well taken care of. Our family of eight has been going to Dr. Price for over 17 years. To give you an idea of of how excellent we think his dental care is, my now grown children that live in Mississippi and Virginia still try to schedule their dental appointments here in Whitmore Lake. I personally have 8 crowns. I can tell you that he has done a great job on crowns and in so far as possible he minimizes the pain. Which for me is a big deal since I am allergic to a lot of medicines and I have my crowns done without any pain control medication. Dr. Price is also attentive to changes in your mouth. On more than one occasion, he caught some out of the ordinary things that were occurring in my children's mouths. Dr. Price has been a great dentist who also has helped us during those emergency times when a tooth cracks or a filling comes out. He does what he can to help his patients. Having Dr. Price as your dentist is great!
Michelle K.
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